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Responsive Design

Responsive Design is an important feature on all websites today. It allows your site to be accessed by anyone, anywhere. No matter what type of device they are using, a person will always see your site at its best. We design our sites to look great and be easily accessible on phones, tablets and PC’s, […]

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Community Drawing Game

The Community Drawing Game

Welcome to The Community Drawing Game! The¬†Community Drawing Game¬†was originally just a small side project that we made for fun but has since evolved into a much more robust app. The idea was that people could come to the page on the site and draw anything they like. When they were finished, they could publish […]

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The New Studio 42!

Welcome to the newest version of our site! Click through the areas on the site to find out about us and what we do. We love designing and developing for the web and our capabilities are always growing. We are always aiming to out-do ourselves and look forward to being presented with any design challenge. […]

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“ Loved working with the guys and gals at Studio 42. They always answered our questions in a timely and respectful manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website! ”
— Brett Thomas