We pride ourselves in being open and dynamic. We want to get to know you and your business to ensure the best results. Click through the area below to find out about all the different services we offer. Is there a job you need done but don’t see it listed here? Don’t worry! We love a challenge and are ready to tackle any problem!

  • Websites

    Responsive Web Design

    What is responsive design? It is a way of making websites that will insure your site looks great, no matter what! Your site will automatically change to fit any size screen! Mobile, Tablets or PC... No problem!

    Mobile Apps

    A mobile app made specifically for your company can be a very powerful tool. When made right, it can make people aware of changes in your company, bring new clients to your store and so much more!

    Content Management

    We use Wordpress as a powerful content management system. It allows you to easily and effortlessly change the content on your site to fit your needs or add in something new. We put you in control of your site.


    We will use every trick in the book to get your website to the top of a Google search. Making sure you're on the first page of results is incredibly important for getting your website noticed.

  • Videography

    Custom Video

    Do you need professional video? Whether its a commercial, a training video or a custom video for your website, we make high-quality video that will give your company the edge it needs to truly stand out from the crowd.

    Video Editing

    We are masters of video editing. From a simple edit on an old video to special effects for a new one, we make visual magic from scratch.

    Sound Mixing

    When it comes to making the perfect video, audio is incredibly important. We use powerful, top-of-the-line programs to fine tune any video to have the best, high-quality audio.

    Legal Video Services

    Studio 42 is proud to work with Courtroom Video, providing legal video services in OKC for more than 30 years! To find out more about what we do, visit

  • Photography

    Custom Content

    When building a website, we create everything you need from scratch. That includes the photography needed to show off everything about your business. Plus, we bring the photo shoot to you!

    On Location

    It doesn't matter to us where you are or how long it takes to get there. We will bring all the equipment to you and get the shots you need. Just tell us when and where and we'll be there.

    Head Shots

    Many sites today have a Staff Page showing off all the wonderful employees of their company. We come to you and get the shots that make you look your best.


    Not a normal thing for most businesses to offer but, for us, it's really more of a passion. Plus, it provides access to very unique and beautiful shots that can really draw people in.

  • Design

    Logo Design

    Every business needs a logo. We, here at Studio 42, take pride in creating unique, outstanding logos that can set your company apart from the crowd and really grab the attention you deserve.


    How about a billboard? No other medium has the distinction of being "always on" like a billboard. We can give you a design that will grab the attention of anyone passing by.

    Magazine & Newsprint

    Need help making an ad for print? Then you've come to the right place! We will design and take care of everything you need to get your company's name in print.

    Brochures/ Direct Mail

    A well-designed brochure can do wonders for your company by grabbing the attention of all that see it and getting the word out about what you do.

“ The creativeness and dedication to detail at Studio 42 far exceeds our hopes for a successful webpage design and launch. In addition to his ideas, enthusiasm, skill and judgement, Jarod Means gave me the tools to edit and update our page. It's difficult to imagine just how empowering that knowledge is. Simply superb. Thank you Jarod! ”
— Jon Womastek