The Community Drawing Game

Welcome to The Community Drawing Game!

The Community Drawing Game was originally just a small side project that we made for fun but has since evolved into a much more robust app. The idea was that people could come to the page on the site and draw anything they like. When they were finished, they could publish it and it would show up in the comment form. Later, anyone that came to the page could see the picture and if they replied to the comment, it would load the picture back to the canvas. The new person would be able to add to the picture and once they finished, repost it to the comment section. This way anyone that comes to the site could see the original picture and every persons additions to that picture. The end result could be amazing pictures made by a whole community of artists!

It was a fun project to build and has evolved a bit over time. The comment section of the page has been completely reworked. It no longer accepts messages that are typed but will only accept the pictures from the canvas. Getting the pictures to load back to the canvas without resetting the entire page was also an especially difficult task. But, by using some very powerful programming languages, we were able to make a smooth transition from canvas to comment form and back again. The end result is a fun app that allows a community to work together to make art and still show off every step on the way.

Try it out here or by going to the home page. If you haven’t noticed, our logo on the main page is interactive. Hover you cursor over the top left dot in our logo and you will see it change into a pencil. Click on that pencil and it will take you directly to the Community Drawing Game! Now go make something cool!

“ The creativeness and dedication to detail at Studio 42 far exceeds our hopes for a successful webpage design and launch. In addition to his ideas, enthusiasm, skill and judgement, Jarod Means gave me the tools to edit and update our page. It's difficult to imagine just how empowering that knowledge is. Simply superb. Thank you Jarod! ”
— Jon Womastek