English 42

The goal for English 42 was to provide an easy-to-access site focusing on Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) to students of all ages, wishing to learn English. Ranging from Elementary Level to Business English, the site strives to provide daily quizzes and lessons. They have an interesting break down on the levels too. Each day is dedicated to a specific level. For example, Monday's are for Elementary Level students and Fridays are for Business English.

The Challenge for us was to come up with a way to display the information explaining what each days's focus is, without just throwing up a long list. The end result was an easy to use, set of drop-downs, one for each day of the week. With custom icons to identify the level and smooth animations, this app functions as a way to easily access the information.

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“ The creativeness and dedication to detail at Studio 42 far exceeds our hopes for a successful webpage design and launch. In addition to his ideas, enthusiasm, skill and judgement, Jarod Means gave me the tools to edit and update our page. It's difficult to imagine just how empowering that knowledge is. Simply superb. Thank you Jarod! ”
— Jon Womastek